Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Explanation Book Proposal

I've just finished and sent off the book proposal for my planned book Explanation in Philosophical Theories. The book will assess the prospects of what might be called 'explanationism' in various areas of philosophy, especially metaphysics and metaphilosophy. Comments welcome, of course.


Anonymous said...


Exciting proposal! Just some information which might be of interest:

There's a bunch of papers by Benjamin Schnieder in which explanatory notions are invoked for some of the purposes you envisage, e.g. 'On What We Can Ensure', 'Truth-functionality', 'Dependence, Substance, Explanation', 'Truth-making without Truth-makers', 'Compatibilism and the Notion of Rendering Something False'. All available here. (Incidentally this page belongs to the blog of a research group on the philosophy and logic of explanation in Berlin which has about just come into existence.)

Best wishes and good luck for your project, Stephan

Carrie Jenkins said...

Thanks Stephan - this is very helpful!