Tuesday, July 10, 2007

AAP 2007

Daniel and I gave our Backwards Explanation paper at the AAP. It survived well, even convinced a few people, so now it's full steam ahead for its outing at the BSPC next month, where it will receive the critical attention of Alyssa Ney and Trenton Merricks. Unfortunately our presentation was scheduled up against a bunch of papers that we would have really liked to see. In fact, a downside of the AAP in general was the number of sessions which either had nothing I was particularly interested in or several very interesting papers.

My highlights from the AAP included Josh Parsons's talk on Assessment-Contextual Indexicality (draft available from his papers page), which sets out to see what the communicative point of assessment-context indexicals would be and why we might want a language to contain them, and Nic Southwood's paper which conjectured that the normativity of rationality is a matter of what we owe to ourselves. In question time I tried to persuade Nic that this view need not engender the rejection of naturalistic reductionism. Daniel Star also raised the question of what distinguises rationality from prudence, which also looks like a matter of what we owe to ourselves.

Some photos should be on their way soon. Dave Chalmers has already posted some here, including one of Daniel apparently undergoing demonic possession.


Ross Cameron said...

That picture of Daniel is hilarious!

(Although I thought he was telling us that he'd give us the golden sword, but only if we first rid his basement of all those giant rats.)

Russell Blackford said...

I spent most of my time hanging around papers on moral and political philosophy, and to some extent philosophy of religion. Those are more my areas. When I read blog entries by people whose main interests are in, say, metaphysics, epistemology, or probability theory, I almost feel as if we attended different conferences.

Still, it's great to go to a conference with such riches on the program.

aa said...