Saturday, May 26, 2007

Philosophy Talk

Update: The show is now confirmed and scheduled for August 12th. The lineup of forthcoming programmes is available for perusal. I'm looking forward to 'Philosophy of Science' with Peter Godfrey-Smith and 'What Are Numbers?' with Gideon Rosen.

This should be fun: I'm provisionally scheduled to appear on the US radio program Philosophy Talk this August, hosted by Ken Taylor and John Perry.


Shawn said...

I used to work for Perry and Taylor on their show. The episodes Philosophy of Science and What Are Numbers? are both reruns. I've added the links to the audio on the past episodes page. Both were quite popular with the listeners. There were also two popular blog posts about the philosophy of science episode. Ken Taylor's is available here and Godfrey-Smith's here. Looking forward to hearing the episode you'll be on.

Carrie Jenkins said...

Thanks for that Shawn!

Ken Taylor said...

HI Carrie:

Just saw this. We're looking forward to having you on the air. Thanks for agreeing to be on. It should be a fun topic.

I hope you'll guest blog for us when the time comes. We typically invite our guests to do so, but few take us up.

Talk to you sort of soon.

Carrie Jenkins said...

Hi Ken,

Sure, I'd be happy to do a spot of guest blogging!