Friday, December 22, 2006

Any Polish Speakers Out There?

Polish magazine Charaktery reports on my Philosophy of Flirting paper in Polish.

Although I don't speak a word of Polish, thanks to online translation site Poltran, I can reveal that what it says is:

Carrie Jenkins, On department of australian philosophy of national university in canberra doktorantka, there is author of publication titled „ philosophy flirt ”, soon it has appear in london which (who) „ ” The Philosophers Magazine. Idea of writing of article has emerged for (after) it, as it has met on way of other student of philosophy Jenkins, daniel name Nolan and it has fallen in love in it.

If anyone out there speaks Polish and can offer a more, erm, natural-sounding translation, and more generally tell us what kind of magazine this is, please write in!

In other news, the Brisbane studio where we recorded our ABC interview yesterday is today closing down!

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Campbell Brown said...

I asked my brother-in-law, who speaks Polish. He gave me this translation:

Carrie Jenkins, a phd student at the philosophy department at the ANU is the author of an article "The philosophy of flirting", which is to appear in the London-based "The philosophers magazine".

The idea for the paper came when Jekins met on her way another philosophy student, Daniel Nolan, and fell in love with him.