Thursday, June 29, 2006

Against 'Against 'Against Vague Existence''!

Robbie Williams has a response to my post Against 'Against Vague Existence' over on his blog Theories 'n Things.

I've recently written up a short note based on the idea in my original post, which I've put online here. I hope it goes some way to addressing Robbie's concerns (which centre on the thought, shared by Sider, that I need to say something about what kind of thing a precisification is on the envisaged account).

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Robbie said...

Glad you've written this up! I've put some thoughts up in the comments of the T&T post. In brief (a) not quite sure how the worlds-analysis of precisification will interact with *semantic* as opposed to ontic vagueness. (b) It seemed to me that you need may well need not just ersatz worlds and fictions, but also possiblist quantification/quantification over fictional objects. So: (i) is the account of modality/fiction you favour going to give you this; (ii) if you anyway need possibilist quantification, why not respond directly to Sider by using those quantifiers within a possible worlds semantics?